We were thrilled when Sophia & Shane agreed to a little bridal adventure session. Having had such good fun with these guys previously at their awesome wedding day at Drenagh Estate we knew this would be another amazing portrait session.

Although they had travelled all the way from America to be wed they still had some free time to spend after their wedding. So before they made the long journey home they decided to adventure along the North Coast of Ireland.

Fortunately we were blessed with the calmest weather and this pair loved exploring together. One of the most considerable benefits of these sessions is the fact that Shane & Sophia had already been in front our cameras. They were familiar with our shooting style and totally comfortable with each other. Add to this our stunning coastline and we were blown away by the final results of this bridal adventure session.

Ladies and Gents, if you feel you never got the most out of your bridal portrait session or just love the idea of dressing up again and going on an adventure can we give you this advice… Just do it! You won’t be bound by the time restrictions that often dictate how much you can cover on your wedding day. We are also truly blessed by many beautiful landscapes which are perfect for adventure portraits and not always accessible on a wedding day. You’ll also have a great laugh along the way.

Bridal adventure sessions… you won’t regret it!


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Wedding Dress: Made by Brides Mother with help from her Grandmother

Mens Suits: Zara and Shoes from Ted Baker



With huge thanks to Shane & Sophia for being up for the adventure and coming out again with us after their wedding day, you guys are awesome!