“Whatever souls are made of, his and mine,

they are the same.” Emily Bronte

Kyle and Victoria have the loveliest of all love stories. Starting off as just friends, things quickly moved on to something just beautiful. Adam and I have known Kyle for a while now, as he and my brother are really good friends and Adam is really good friends with his younger brother as well.  I also got to work with Victoria a few years ago on a photoshoot when she let us use some of the clothes from her gorgeous shop Bella Marie, in Gilford.

When they first called to see me about the possibility of booking their wedding photography with us, they filled me in on their love story and a little bit of what had been happening with them since they first got together. One of the stories included ‘the proposal’ and what a proposal it was. Kyle took Victoria off on a road trip adventure around Europe, stopping off in Slovenia he took her out for a meal to the restaurant that was in the castle at the top of the highest hill looking over the most breathtaking of all lakes – Lake Bled.  If you have never had the chance to visit Lake Bled or even Ljubljana for that matter I would 100% recommend that you do. I visited it a few years ago and if ever there was the most perfect spot in Europe for a proposal that is certainly it. Blown away, needless to say, Victoria said yes and here we are blogging a little about their amazing wedding day.

A wedding that felt like the towns wedding of the year, everyone knew everyone, there was happiness, laughs, some little teary moments in the morning and just an all round fun filled day. We started off in Portadown Baptist for their ceremony where the very talented David McConkey had the place flooded with gorgeous flowers and trees. We then made our way down to (our new fav) Ballymagarvey Village, were Kyle and Victoria spent the rest of the day with their friends and family. Victoria had thought of everything and anything. We had so much fun with these guys! Loads of giggles during their portrait shots too :)! Amazing memories of an awesome wedding day. Victoria is stunning and her dress fitted her gorgeous figure like a dream. Of course Kyle scrubbed up well too in his trendy contemporary fitted suit! Check it out <3

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