{ Personal Blogpost – Photos by Paula O’Hara } 

So a couple of Saturdays ago marked mine and Adams first wedding anniversary. It was a bit of a crazy time for us as well as our families, I say crazy but I mean a crazy good crazy! Being a wedding photographer I had always hoped to share with you all about our own wedding and how we decided to do things, with such a busy wedding period behind us I never got the chance to blog about this particular time in our lives.

Every couple have their own story of how they met, how they spent time together and how they decided if that one special person was special enough to spend the rest of their lives together. Here’s our story….


Adam and I met at a coffee shop in town last year in May 2012, strictly business might I add… I parked up in a space thinking I would only be 20-30mins max while we chatted about photography stuff. We had known of each other through mutual circles/friends but had never actually met before… 4.5 hours later along with an unexpected parking ticket (but well worth it) we emerged from the coffee shop. We knew we clicked… we knew this was something special, we knew we just wanted to see more of each other, chat more, share more.


To cut a long story short (or maybe not so long) a crazy three weeks to the date we first met in that coffee shop we decided to get a ring. Crazy I know! And if this had of happened to any of my friends I would have been the first to say… ‘are you serious? your crazy!’ Maybe we were crazy, maybe it would have seemed that way to anyone else and maybe even for us it felt as though perhaps it should have felt crazy but in a weird way everything seemed ok, it all seemed right. I had hoped for a ring like my grandmothers, I knew that was the style I would have loved, so after emailing round a few local jewellers, I came across an antique one nearly identical to the one she wears. We took ourselves off to the jewellers, checked out the ring, walked back out, headed to the park, thought about it, chatted some more, headed back, bought the ring, laughing like kids the whole time. It was so surreal so crazy but just seemed so right.

Adam had always planned to go to Australia to visit relatives in the summer so we decided not to make it official until he got back. We also decided to get married the following year (2013) but while Adam was away on his 5 week trip, we got chatting over Skype and decided we wanted to just be married, we just wanted to be with each other. So over Sykpe we decided we were going to do it.  Adam said, ‘go get your diary and see what way your fixed with your weddings.’ We settled on Friday the 21st of September (exactly 4 months to the day we first met in that coffee shop) Making it just three weeks for us to plan the whole thing. Just over a week later Adam got back, we headed up to the North Coast and it was then he gave me the ring…. two weeks later, we got married!


I always imagined having a small an intimate wedding and doing it in such a short time really enabled us to do that. After originally emailing Paula O’hara (Photography) to check her availability for 2013 I quickly emailed her back and told her to scrap that last email and wanted to know if she would be free on the 21st to do a photo session with just the two of us on the morning of our wedding. She said yes and that got the ball rolling. We then decided on our guest list… all 17 of them…. and although we could not have all the members of both our families there, they still showed us so much kindness and support and we were overwhelmed with the kind thoughts and best wishes everyone had for us.



On the morning of our wedding day, the idea was that Adam would come and pick me up in his Fiesta, seeing me all ready to go get some photos then head to the church, instead he arrived with me in some jeans and a jumper trying put the seat back in my car so there was room for Paula to drive round and take some photos… we laughed about this! I got changed into my white French connection boho/country summer dress, I done my own hair and added some flowers to it, I added my nude coloured mary jane style shoes and hayho I was ready to go. Simplicity was what we wanted to go for… no fuss, we couldn’t stop laughing all morning, we were in love. Adam dressed in simple grey trousers, white shirt, a waistcoat with a wool tie. Stacey from S.A.K designs thankfully fitted me in and done my makeup early that morning and the flowers were done by the Flower Shop.



We then headed off around some fields and got some photos taken by Paula. Once we had finished Adam and I said goodbye and headed off to the church in his fiesta to get married! It was small, intimate and personal, exactly how we wanted it to be. We can’t thank everyone involved enough for making it such a great day…. to Brian who married us in Mullavilly Parish (and with such short notice too) for all the amazing work he put in in trying to get our marriage certificate sorted in such a short time and with the added stress of Adam not in the country. Each of our families and close friends for the kindness and support you showed us the whole way through. Paula for taking the time out to take some photos that morning, I couldn’t have wished for anyone more suited. The extremely talented Stacey for the make-up and for fitting me in at the crazy hour of 7am. My big brother Andy for spending the extra to come back from Australia a few months early to surprise me and be there to sing and spend time with us on our wedding, not having you there just wouldn’t have been the same! The Pot belly for such an awesome meal and beautiful setting for our intimate meal with our closest family members. The Flower shop for the gorgeous flowers produced on such short notice and of course most importantly to our God for such a crazy blessed and wonderful day. Thank you to everyone… we couldn’t have asked for more.



Oh and big thank you to everyone else on the kind wishes and thoughts, even though we did manage to keep it a secret until we were tagged in wedding photos on Facebook that afternoon! The reaction was priceless!


Wedding: Mullivilly Parish Church

Reception: Pot Belly

Dress: French Connection

Suit: Debenhams

Shoes Debenhams

Hair: My own handy work

Make-up: Stacey Kilpatrick from S.A.K Designs

Photography: Paula O’hara Photography | Story of Eve

Cars: Adams Fiesta

Flowers: The Flower Shop