White Park Bay has got to be one of the most serene and rustic places along the North Coast of our little Island. It is often one of the most forgotten beaches along this rugged coastline but it’s just spectacular. We love it!

We were rightfully delighted when Darren and Lauren agreed to go on a little adventure with us.

It was October. This was the North Coast. It was cold.

Very cold.

So, we took a little time out first. Perched almost overlooking the bay and near the tiny townland of Portbradden lies Bothy. This cool little coffee haven is a must see on any trip ‘Up North’.  Hot drinks and a variety of delicious treats were the ideal way to brace ourselves for the adventure ahead.

It was only a short journey to the beach below but the trail meanders through beautiful scrubland before reaching the coast and we just had to take advantage of it.

It’s not often you get greeted by cows on a beach but these guys are often found here. And we must say it only adds to the charm.

Add the Golden sand and the White cliff face…Pure Ireland right there!

Darren and Lauren totally embraced it. Even with the chilly wind these guys had an obvious warmth and mutual love which came across so naturally. Total Legends!


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White Park Bay Adventure Session

Location: Bothy, White Park Bay, Co. Antrim



With big thanks to Darren & Lauren for braving the elements on this little adventure. Also, huge thanks to Bothy for allowing us to warm ourselves up beforehand, you guys rock!