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The Ultimate Wedding Photography Course

Rock the Lens. Ditch the Day Job; Command the Wedding Scene Like a Pro!

Boasting a decade of mastery, we have channelled our wisdom into an intensive course for beginner photographers designed specifically for providing a roadmap from initial steps to dazzling success.

Drawing from over a decade of expertise, we are offering you an informative course tailored specifically for your new photography journey. This isn't just any course—it's a curated journey, from foundational steps to advanced techniques, aimed at propelling beginners like you to the ultimate success. Each module distills years of hands-on wisdom, equipping you with the skills and strategic edge to thrive in the amazing dynamic world of weddings.

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250,000-300,000 weddings on average in the UK each year


Of all Photographers are reported to be freelance

50 Percent

Of wedding budgets go on Photography


Weddings on average each year in the USA

2 Million

£1800-£4000 average spend on wedding photography




About Our Experience

Our journey began with a camera and a shared passion for capturing unforgettable wedding moments. Today, wedding photography for us has not only become an unbelievable career but more importantly has granted us invaluable time with loved ones and financial stability for our family.

  • Love Stories: Capturing those unique moments that couples will GENUINELY treasure forever.
  • Creative Freedom: Crafting images with our own artistic vision and style.
  • Relationship Building: Forming lasting connections with couples we work with.
  • Flexibility: Balancing work and personal life on our own terms.
  • Continuous Growth: Evolving and refining our skills in a dynamic field.

Navigating the Wedding Photography Maze

With a myriad of camera settings, lenses, and equipment options, it's easy to feel lost in the technicalities, hindering your ability to focus on the artistry of photography.

Knowing where to start and how to build a portfolio that stands out in a saturated market can be a daunting task, leaving many aspiring photographers feeling stuck in the planning phase.

Building trust and rapport with couples, managing expectations, and navigating the intricacies of wedding day dynamics require finesse and experience—areas that can pose challenges for newcomers.

Embarking on a journey into wedding photography can be both exhilarating and daunting, especially for beginners. As passionate as you may be about capturing love stories, the path is often sprinkled with challenges that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure.

From capturing the perfect shot to post-production edits and client communication, managing your workflow efficiently is crucial. Without a structured approach, it's easy to become overwhelmed and miss crucial moments.

In a competitive landscape, carving a niche and establishing a unique style that resonates with couples can be challenging, making it difficult to stand out and attract your ideal clientele.

While these challenges may seem daunting, they're merely stepping stones on your path to mastering the art and business of wedding photography. Recognizing these hurdles is the first step toward overcoming them, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.



Comprehensive Curriculum

Dive deep with a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip you with both technical skills and business acumen. From mastering camera settings to client management and post-production, we've got you covered.

Exclusive Resources & Templates.

Gain access to exclusive resources, including templates and email responses that streamline your workflow and elevate your professionalism.

Flexible Learning:

Life's busy, and we get it. Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace. Fit your passion for photography around your schedule, not the other way around.

Bonus Content!

Jump into our course and snag some awesome extras like templates, editing presets, and sweet discounts with top industry brands. Streamline your workflow, elevate your skills, and kickstart your journey to mastering wedding photography today.

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Hands-On Learning

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Real-World Insights

Comprehensive Curriculum


Elevate your craft to new heights! Our course offers a blend of expert insights and insider secrets, empowering you to master wedding photography with confidence.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance



Through our unique marketing strategies, you'll discover how to consistently earn glowing reviews and the best feedback from happy and satisfied clients.


“Choosing you both was the best decision we have ever made”

Oh my! We don’t even have words, we have just sat and cried looking at them. So so amazing, we can’t thank you both enough. The photographs are so special and you captured every moment perfectly, choosing you both was the best decision we have ever made. Thank you so much for making the day so enjoyable too we loved being in both of your company, we are forever grateful. 

— The Dillons x

“I have no idea how we are going pick the best because they are all amazing!”

Thank you so so much for all our wedding photos! I have no idea how we are going to pick the best because they are all amazing. Couldn't recommend you both highly enough because you are incredibly talented!  Thanks again!
Myself and Ruairi are so delighted with them and you make them look so natural! ❤️ Thanks again

— The Loughrans x 

“Thank you both SO much. The photos are outstanding, blown away!!”

Thank you both SO much the photos are outstanding, blown away!! We want the thank you both so much for working with us, you were both a pleasure to work with and made us both feel so at ease the entire day. We couldn’t asked for better photographers. 

We are genuinely blown away. Thank you so much the photos are exceptional! I could not have imagined they would turn out as well.

— Aidan & Rachel x

Whats Inside

Dive into distinct modules that cover everything from mastering camera techniques and lighting to building client relationships and optimizing your business strategy. With each title, you'll embark on a focused journey, gaining invaluable insights and practical knowledge tailored to enhance your expertise and elevate your career in the dynamic world of wedding photography.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Wedding Photography
  • Module 2: Gear and Equipment
  • Module 3: Technical Skills
  • Module 4: Preparing for a Wedding
  • Module 5: Wedding Day Workflow
  • Module 6: Post-Processing and Editing
  • Module 7: Marketing and Business
  • Module 8: Client Management and Ethics
  • Module 9: The Future and Beyond

There are a million courses. Here's what makes us different:

Our course offers a beginner-friendly approach, simplifying complex concepts with step-by-step guidance for a confident start and a durable foundation in wedding photography.

Unlike others, our course provides a holistic approach, covering not only technical skills but also business strategies, client relations, and post-production editing, ensuring you're well-equipped for success.

15+ years in the industry, our course is backed by extensive knowledge, insights, and proven strategies that have evolved with the ever-changing landscape of wedding photography, ensuring you learn from seasoned professionals who've navigated the nuances of the craft successfully.

“This course changed my life.”

— Emily

Turn Your Passion into Profit:

Transform your love for photography into a thriving business 

Our ultimate wedding photography course provides you with the knowledge and resources to turn your passion into a profitable career. Are you ready to elevate your photography game? 


Cut to the chase! Uncover the truths you've been seeking in our FAQs section below about our standout wedding photography course.

Q. How long do I have access to the course materials?

Upon enrollment, you'll enjoy lifetime access to all course materials, including video lessons, resources, templates, and updates, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit the content whenever needed.

Q. Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the course?

Absolutely none. From day one, our mission has been to design the ultimate beginner's course in wedding photography, perfect for anyone starting their creative journey.

We understand the importance of flexibility, so we offer various payment plans and instalment options to accommodate your financial preferences. Please check our enrolment page for more details.

Q. Is there a payment plan or installment option available?

We're committed to your success! We are dedicated to assist you with any questions, challenges, or technical issues you may encounter throughout your learning journey. Just drop us an email and let us know how we can help. 

Q. What kind of support is available if I have questions or encounter challenges?

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Got Questions?

Q. Do you offer a money-back guarantee or satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, we fully stand behind the quality and value of our course. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to explore the content and resources risk-free. If you're not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, we'll gladly refund your investment, no questions asked.

Q. Can I share my course access with others or transfer my enrollment?

No, course access is intended solely for the enrolled individual and cannot be shared, transferred, or resold. Each student's progress is tracked individually to ensure a personalized learning experience tailored to their unique goals and aspirations.

Feel free to modify or expand upon these FAQ's and answers to better align with your course's specific features, benefits, and policies!

Our course stands out with a comprehensive curriculum, perfect for beginners, expert guidance, support, and proven strategies, offering unparalleled value in the wedding photography industry.

Q. What sets this course apart from others available online?

Q. What is included in the Ultimate Wedding Photography Course?

Our comprehensive curriculum covers camera techniques, lighting, client relations, post-production, and business strategies for a well-rounded education.

Q. What skill level is required to enroll in this course

Our course is designed to cater to all skill levels but in particular beginners. Our comprehensive modules provide valuable insights and hands-on training to elevate your photography game.

You'll need a digital camera (of any kind) to begin with and then eventually as your profits increase you will further be able to invest a variety of lenses suitable for wedding photography, and basic lighting equipment. Detailed equipment recommendations and alternatives are covered in our course modules to help you as you continue through the course.

Q. What equipment do I need to get started?

No, there are no hidden fees or additional costs associated with our course. Once you enrol, you'll gain access to all course materials, resources, and bonuses included in the initial investment. Additionally, you'll unlock exclusive discounts to our online store, featuring the latest templates, branding kits, and essential business resources tailored for aspiring photographers. 

Q. Are there any additional costs or hidden fees associated with the course

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We're profoundly confident in the value and expertise embedded within our ultimate photography course. Utilising a meticulously crafted framework, our primary objective is to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in wedding photography. If you diligently implement every module, technique, and strategy taught in our course and find yourself not progressing or achieving the desired results, simply reach out via email. Provided you are confident you have put in every effort required, we're committed to providing a full refund, no questions asked. To qualify for this guarantee, it's crucial to engage fully with each lesson, task, and recommendation while maintaining comprehensive records of your journey for legal record documentation and verification purposes.

Please note that individual success may vary based on numerous factors, including dedication, timing, daily commitment, focus, personal circumstances, and the quality of application of the techniques taught in the course.

Our course is designed to elevate your photography skills, guiding you towards capturing breathtaking moments and achieving your financial aspirations. Whether you're aiming to master wedding photography organically or diversify your revenue streams through specialised techniques, our unwavering support remains. We're dedicated to assisting you until you're satisfied with your growth and the exceptional results you achieve in your photography endeavors.


Continuous Support

Reach out anytime with your questions through our dedicated support email available. We strive to reply to all requests as soon as we can.  We're here to help you if we can so please ask away!

Elevate Your Craft, Ignite Your Passion, and Capture Love Like Never Before! Join the Revolution Today! 

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